Homes are where we live our lives. Our rooms and spaces should be an expression of what we want to be surrounded by. I take the responsibility seriously to choose furnishings and materials that my clients will enjoy for years to come. And most importantly, suits their needs with style that functions and compliments the way they want to live.

I never put a label on my style; as there are too many possibilities to adhere to one genre. I am drawn to more clean modernized furnishings and draperies. I like to mix it with antiques, older cherished pieces and new reproductions as well as rugs, flooring that ground the room with warmth and richness.

Every project is different. Just as no two people are not exactly alike – no two spaces are exactly alike. They each have their own special needs, challenges and often compromises like space or budget. Collaboration is a key – I rely on the specialists I work with for their expertise in painting, cabinetry, draperies, lighting, etc.

Rooms need to evolve and should not be furnished in a mad rush. I believe in starting with the larger scaled pieces such as upholstery and cabinetry. While carefully choosing color, patterns, flooring, lighting, and smaller furnishings – and never forget the ceiling! With attention to the details and a vision for final outcome the room's end result will be superior.

Good design improves the quality of out lives.